Paint Protection Coating is a revolutionary spray installed clear bra system designed to protect painted surfaces in high wear areas of vehicles which are prone to chipping and damage
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How does it work?
ArmorCoat™ was developed through an innovative chemical grafting process. By attaching the molecules of polymers that vary greatly in both hardness and flexibility, a unique combination of properties were created that exhibit incredible abrasion resistance and resilience in the same polymer. By tightly controlling the synthesis of dissimilar materials, the resulting formulation is capable of acting like a traditional hard drying automotive clear coat while withstanding a 70 MPH gravel impact that would normally be disastrous.
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Where paint protection films are only capable of protecting portions of a vehicles painted surface, ArmorCoat™ can be installed seamlesly over an entire area that is prone to chipping and damage. Because ArmorCoat is a spray on application, sharp contours can be covered without working lines and edges that gather dirt and peel. ArmorCoat is a permanent solution to chipping that does not fade, can be repaired and renconditioned.

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