How is ArmorCoat Applied?

ArmorCoat™ is a clear aftermarket paint protection coating formulated for high build application using conventional HVLP spray equipment in a controlled shop environment. When sprayed and cured over existing OEM, repair or custom automotive paint finishes, the highly flexible and impenetrable properties of ArmorCoat will reduce and prevent chipping, scratching and damage caused by stones, insects and weathering.

ArmorCoat is virtually invisible to the eye and the 6 to 10 dry mil application provides significantly higher film thickness and far greater resilience than traditional OEM and auto body repair clears. Even larger stones, which can typically shatter an OEM finish leaving chips or craters right down to the metal, cause no damage to vehicles finished with ArmorCoat.

Designed for cars, trucks, motor homes, over-the-road trucks, motorcycles and any painted surface that needs protection from the typical damage that occurs during daily driving. After spray application, the product is allowed to air dry then unmasked and returned to the customer.

ArmorCoat is repairable using conventional materials and equipment.

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