House of Color Auto Body, Inc.

Lee Frank, Owner
“I’ve had a 100% success rate selling ArmorCoat. It sprays clear with no color change and offers a wider spectrum of where protection can be applied, areas never before with film. It applies perfectly every time without waste. With proper advertising and marketing, ArmorCoat can and has increased sales very easily.”

Dean’s Custom Designs

Dean Walker
“What you see is what you get and a lot more. ArmorCoat offers the best protection and finish for paint and custom airbrush that I have ever seen, This is not a paid endorsement, just a true statement from a happy custom graphic painter.”

This is what ArmorCoat customers say:

“I freeway commute and have had ArmorCoat on my Ford Mustang for almost two years. No Chips! I trust ArmorCoat to protect the value of my investment!”
Jamie Slovensky – Greeley, CO

“I had film applied to my new BMW and soon after, the film was lifting. I had the film removed and ArmorCoat applied. The value of my trade will now be much higher plus I still have the sharpest looking car at the office. Thank you, ArmorCoat.”
Jim Stevens – Scottsdale, AZ

Contact John at (406) 544-3818‬ or email john@armorcoatusa.com